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Why Evolutionary Astrology?

Astrology is a symbolic, archetypal language, which through its translation provides insight into the deepest parts of ourselves and our being, which some call Soul. It can empower us to create meaning in our lives, live according to our highest sacred values and meet our own essential needs.

Evolutionary Astrologer, Shawn Limbach

When we wonder what we should be doing, what our talents are or why we continually have certain setbacks, evolutionary astrology won't tell us what to do or what decisions to make. It can assist us in making our own choices.

Through the astrological interpretation of our birth map, we may feel a sense of liberation from our particular struggles, because there are options. Ideally, with our self-determined plan we move forward with insight and enthusiasm aligned with our Soul's Desires.

It would be my honor to engage in an exploration into your astrological makeup.

Peace, Shawn Limbach
Certified Evolutionary Astrologer
Licensed eciritual Health Coach



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