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Why Astrology?

Shawn Limbach
The Symbol for Pluto
Pluto Glyph

Astrology is a symbolic, archetypal language. It is a language which provides us insight into the deepest parts of ourselves and our being. It can connect us to the Divine Plan. It can provide us an understanding of our place in that Plan. When we wonder what we should be doing, what our talents are or why we continually have certain setbacks, astrology can provide inspiration and in its greatest moments offer options which liberate us from our particular struggles. We move forward with insight and enthusiasm for our creative light.

The planets, each with their own vibration, and with what feels like magic, reflect who we are from inside out. An astrologer interprets the resonance, the patterns and cycles of planets from the perspective of time and place of a person's birth and in relationship to the current planetary placements. We trust that with the interpretation comes inspiration, empowerment and a personal knowing of direction toward Soul growth.

It would be my honor to engage in an exploration into your astrological makeup.

Progressively there will be some links and pages on this site reflecting the integration of another part of my life, Bioresonance Balancing, into the wholeness of the Scorpio Moon dynamic. Soul, Mind and Body. Wellness. Stay tuned.

Shawn Limbach
Certified Evolutionary Astrologer
Licensed Spiritual Health Coach

Shawnsky Farmer 2014


Why the name Scorpio Moon?

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."
The Buddha

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